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  •  Sometimes bigotry can come back to bite you (9+ / 0-)

    I believe it is a huge disservice to those kids to have their hate backed by teachers and the religious community. When these students get out into the "real world" they are going to find that their ideas and beliefs are going to cost them friends and the respect of others, and perhaps even more.

    I say this because I saw it happen numerous times to people I went to high school with, who were Mormon but decided to attend the University of Wyoming instead of a Utah school. The hate and disrespect they dished out to non-Mormons and the very few non-whites in high school came back and smacked them upside the head in college--they found out that hate and disrespect is a two-way street, and being on the receiving end instead of the giving end made them miserable little balls of unhappiness. What was accepted by other students and teachers in a small town high school was not accepted by a larger student body, and they felt the difference acutely--especially when they denigrated other faiths and experienced backlash for it. Some of the students from Sullivan High are going to have this experience when they go to college, and it's going to be a very tough pill to swallow.

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