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View Diary: The NRA has a name for 20 dead children: the 'Connecticut effect' (106 comments)

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  •  So, tell me how you prevent that crazed guy from (1+ / 0-)
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    buying a weapon at a gun show with NO background check??

    •  I would do universal background checks (0+ / 0-)

      An alternative would be to get the crazed guy medicated. There could be some kind of deal analogous to a competency hearing or a restraining order to temporarily or permanently make it illegal for an identified nut to have guns.

      Brainstorming here.

      Freedom isn't free. Patriots pay taxes.

      by Dogs are fuzzy on Mon Feb 11, 2013 at 10:17:59 AM PST

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    •  READ THE POST (0+ / 0-)

      I stated that a database for mentally ill would be used for background checks. Felons and nuts need to be kept from owning a gun.

      In a free society, some people will tear the net but the alternative is fascism.

      There is no reason at all for gun shows. They could be banned just as selling poison to the general public is banned. A gun is a potentially deadly weapon and gun shows have no other purpose but to circumvent the law.

      Imagine a society where Belladonna, strychnine, formaldehyde or any other lethal substance is sold at swap meets.

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