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View Diary: Some House Republicans appear ready to back universal background checks for gun purchases (200 comments)

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    The "ones who might actually comply with it?"

    I just got a comment from ban nock that he is concerned about confiscation.

    I don't understand how any rational, thinking gun owner (which I assume most people who post here who belong to RKBA here are) can live in fear of confiscation.

    How or when is that going to happen?

    Not to mention the fact that here two opposing notions coming from many of the RKBA folks here:

    1. There will be no laws that permit confiscation.

    2. Fear of confiscation.

    I don't get how these two opposing notions can both be true.

    Do you think confiscation could become a political reality anytime in the foreseeable future? In your lifetime?

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