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View Diary: Conservative groups oppose Violence Against Women Act because it's not fair to wife-beaters (76 comments)

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  •  I just read the link in the comment above (0+ / 0-)

    And I still think this group is full of it. Yes if a man stalks another person be it male or female it should be against the law. Yet this is an excuse they give for blocking the law. Obviously the person who wrote the reasons never had to deal with someone who acted in a threatening manner to another person.

    I have had friends who had to deal with exactly the excuses the writer gave. Seriously do we have to wait till they are injured or dead before doing anything? Oh wait, how many have already had that happen and still it's damn difficult to get anything done. How many women have had court ordered restraining orders yet the man ignores it? How many have died even with the laws we have now?

    Too bad we can't bring those women in to testify to back up why it's important not to ignore threats and acts of violence.

    Luckily it states in the beginning of that opinion the real reason for their dislike for VAWA. It's their belief that it funds liberal Democratic candidates. Yet they fail to provide links to facts about that.

    BTW, we still don't spend enough to help stop violence. Because we have way more than a lot of countries. Things are clearly broken here.

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