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View Diary: Graham, Inhofe threaten to hold up Brennan and Hagel nominations (72 comments)

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    Remember, not so long ago: "the President is entitled to select his team"; "every nominee deserves an up or down vote"; etc., etc.

    Two sets of rules.  And republicans always get to make the rules.

    On the filibuster Harry Reed was/is an idiot, as are any Dem senators that would not support the rule change.  But I would offer this to Harry as way out: The nation is at war! With terrorists! Any republican who obstructs voting on nominees for the Sec of Defense and CIA is compromising our national security! At a time of WAR!

    Harry needs to call their bluff, and if they follow though with their hold, then change the damn Senate rules in the name of the good of the country.

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