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View Diary: "Nemo": In Defense of the Names (138 comments)

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  •  Unforgotten storms (6+ / 0-)

    Naming is just fine. Here in Europe. Lothar, Klaus, Wiebke were interesting. I´ll always remember Wiebke, that was a wild winter wind-wise (it was also a mild winter, must have been the air friction), as one can see from the W name (Like the US in 2005 with Wilma, although Wiebke in no way compares to Wilma). Anyhow, we were all already storm exhausted when Wiebke blew through. Only time in my life that I ever impressed present femaledom by a display of muscles when I had to stem rock slabs onto our roof to prevent it from being blown off.

    Now without names it would have been just "way, back, when it was windy" to be confused with everything else since its quite often windy. Aging memory is glad to have names to link back to.

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