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View Diary: "Nemo": In Defense of the Names (138 comments)

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  •  Funny--I just sent an email to the Guardian (13+ / 0-)

    slamming them  for buying into the Nemo scheme.

    But worded far better than my letter is this from Gawker:


    In any case, names like 'Snowmageddon' are just entertaining names for a few big storms meant to engage the public.  Like 'Big Ass Snowstorm'.  People had fun with it.

    TWC with their alphabetical naming scheme of complicated fronts that often aren't independent systems is just nonsense.  Maybe some people will remember 'Nemo', more will remember 'Blizzard of 2013'--but there's really no basis for this alphabetical storm silliness except an extra buck.

    And given that TWC is on the decline--I'd rather not see them try to run the agenda on this sort of thing.

    Is calling something 'Nemo' endangering the public?  Unlikely.  But it's not part of any reasonable system that makes any sense--as the naming scheme for tropical cyclones.

    •  TWC isn't naming the fronts (3+ / 0-)
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      Onomastic, FishOutofWater, kyril

      they're naming the lows to which the fronts are attached. While their criteria is silly (and I absolutely think they are), the storms are discrete. So yes, a winter storm can cause tornadoes and blizzards at the same time.

      also the Guardian already reports on European winterstorm names--the names are quite popular in European media, and the storms are really no different than the ones we have here.

      relax relate release

      by terrypinder on Mon Feb 11, 2013 at 10:47:20 AM PST

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