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View Diary: "Nemo": In Defense of the Names (138 comments)

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  •  One might remember that the original Nemo (6+ / 0-)

    Was Captain Nemo, the character created by Jules Verne.

    One can hope the WC chose the name for that, rather than the Disney character.  But unfortunately, all the general public will associate that name with is the little cartoon fish, and so it's an unfortunate choice.

    •  I figured it was for the Captain (1+ / 0-)
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      But most people today think of the fish, and not unreasonably. It was a good movie about the ocean and ocean fish coming to shore, and that's not dissimilar to what happened here.

      Still, I think clownfish Nemo was horribly maligned by the naming of this storm. Anyone who watched Finding Nemo knows that he wasn't scary. If the movie was the inspiration, they should have named the storm Darla. Now that's scary.

      •  A lot of people thought it was the fish (0+ / 0-)

        I saw so many people outside building "snowfish" with their kids on Facebook it was crazy.  

        A lot of them sprayed the completed snow fish with orange stripes so it really looked like a clown fish.  

        I live in Florida, they've been naming storms since I was little (I rememer Donna, Betsy & Cleo in the 60's - Camille & Hugo didn't hit us, but I remember them).  Andrew in 1992 of course and Wilma in 2005.  

        Naming storms is easier for the public to deal with as far as getting information goes, but it should be a deliberate set of names that can be retired.  

        Maybe we should have our summer / tropical storm names and then a second list for winter / sub-tropical storms.  

        Rotate them every six years and retire the bad ones.  

        Sandy started out down here, it was still hurricane season and it made sense to leave the name Sandy attached to it, even though it went farther north and got out of the tropics.  It was before 11/30 when the "hurricane season" is supposed to be over, but we've had storms outside of the 6/1 - 11/30 range.  If they're cyclonic or semi-cyclonic, they can be dangerous, no matter where / when they form.  People often forget - it's not the wind, although that can be very bad - it's the storm surge on coastal areas that can cause the most damge.  

        Naming them isn't meant to be cute - when you have them stacked up in the Atlantic like airplanes on a runway (i.e., 2004 and 2005), naming them makes it easier for EVERYBODY to keep track, including the meteorologists.  

         photo 640dcf50-ef4d-4e66-8e1d-1af64b33484d.jpg

        This is from 2005 - it was on the front page of the Miami Herald.  That's the year we ran out of the alphabet and started going with Alpha, Beta... Gamma, etc.  

        In 2004 and 2005, I was tracking a couple of storms at once, because my parents live north of Orlando and I live down south.  We were each hit by two different storms within the same 10 days.  Having the names kept my parents from being confused - first they were hit by Charley, then we had Frances, Jeanne and Ivan to deal with, all pretty much at the same time.  People need to realize that they are in the path of more than one storm - the names makes it easier for them to keep up when we're having a crazy season.  

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        by Ricochet67 on Tue Feb 12, 2013 at 09:11:28 AM PST

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