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View Diary: Rep. Steve 'Impeach Obama' Stockman invites Ted Nugent to provide response to State of the Union (118 comments)

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  •  It's okay that Nugent soiled himself to prevent (0+ / 0-)

    serving in the military, Jim P, because he plays a guitar with the American flag on it & Congressman Steve Stockman (the one who invited him to the SOTU address) called him a patriot. See how that works? As long as you have the trappings of patriotism, your actions and lack of sacrifice don't really matter. It's like the GOP and immigration policy & matters relating to  inclusion. You just keep the same old policies, but shove Marco Rubio in front of the cameras (ahem, Blunt amendment/debt ceiling opposition). Apparently, if the wdw dressing is shiny enough, the media doesn't bother looking under the surface. Anyway, I just think that we should take every opportunity to say, no yell, that Dems have invited Newtown Conn. survivors to the SOTU while the GOP is linked to nuts like Ted Nugent.

    BTW: Is anybody else bothered by the fact that Ted Nugent used to make his living out of Rock & Roll, a form of music developed by African Americans, and he never loses the opportunity to associate himself w/ "Motown."

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