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View Diary: Rep. Steve 'Impeach Obama' Stockman invites Ted Nugent to provide response to State of the Union (118 comments)

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    So they want to win the public back and their plan is to use one of the most divisive, inarticulate, figures they have to address the public? Um...okay. As a liberal I have no reason to stop this. Though I'm sure they don't see why. If anybody can get the public to support gun control more then Wayne "Moral Kombat is still relevant" LaPierre, it's Nugent. Please, cons, continue to shoot yourselves in the foot even more! Say, while you're at it, maybe you can get started on those impeachment hearings you want so badly too! Because that worked out so well last time! Republican solution to losing an election: double down on the things that made you lose in the first place.

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