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View Diary: Is Christopher Dorner "The Spook Who Sat by the Door?" (241 comments)

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    He had been going through proper channels to do just that for years and had exhausted all of them.  And for anyone paying attention to the LAPD it's pretty clear that this shit isn't going to get dealt with.  You put a man who has been trained to use violence to solve disputes for a good third of his life and it's no surprise when he uses violence to solve disputes.

    And really, you must live in some different version of the US if you think that being a murderer suddenly sets people apart.  We're a violent society and have been killing people overseas for as long as I can remember, people who hate the LAPD don't much care if Dorner is a good guy or a bad guy, all they know is that he's fighting a group that a hell of a lot of people hate.  And for most people that's more than good enough.

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