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View Diary: 2014 midterms predictions- Feb. 13, 2013 edition (19 comments)

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    You're still referencing 2010.  2010 is irrelevant because Tea Party Republicans no longer have the mojo they used to and because of the 2012 Presidential Elections, Mitt Romney, Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, the Tea Party guys are losing steam.  Maybe only in deep red states do the Tea Party guys have any mojo but still, Democrats can stop being a bunch of wusses and start challenging the Tea Party guys until they keep on drinking water like Paul Ryan did during the VP Presidential debate in 2012 where Joe Biden annihilated him.

    Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton can rally up the troops and they will.  2013 is now a new era than 2010, 2008 or even 2006.  If you recall, voter turnout for 2006 was unusually high and it gave Nancy Pelosi her gavel, as well as many wins for the Democrats in the House and Senate.  Also, not a single Democrat who ran for the U.S. Senate in 2006 lost his/her seat in 2012.

    So if Democrats are worried that some people like Mark Pryor might lose the election in 2014, what are they worried about?  Those Democrats are not the gift that keeps on giving.  It's those Tea Party Republicans and other Republican idiots like John Boehner who are all about power and not about actually making lives better for the American people.  The more they talk, whether in or about blue states or red states, the more they keep shooting themselves in the foot.

    And without the Tea Party, the GOP is in serious trouble, BIG trouble.

    So yes, I don't envision 2014 becoming another 2010 or low turnout election.

    Remember, when Barack Obama was a U.S. Senator, he was extremely popular and helped galvanize voters across races in 2006, helping the Democrats gain more House and Senate seats in 2006.

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