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  •  Found a great free audiobook... (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    cfk, RiveroftheWest, Monsieur Georges

    Space Prison by Tom Godwin (originally The Survivors).

    I originally read this when I was a kid and it is still a great little book.  I never, ever, thought I would see it again, although I've thought about it many times, wishing I still had it.  It's probably been out of print for forty years.

    My synopsis of the story:

    A spaceship full of colonists is on its way to a new planet.  War has broken out between the humans of Earth and another species spacefaring civilization, the Gerns.  Their ship is intercepted by the Gerns, who keep the useful humans with skills as slaves.  The Gerns announce they will drop the Rejects on a habitable planet, but the planet they choose is barely habitable at all, with 1.5G gravity, terrible seasonal temperature fluctuations, deadly beasts, little edible food, and alien diseases.  The gravity is enough to kill many of them getting off the ship.  

    Over the course of the ensuing years, the population declines from 4000 to 1400 to 300 to 150 down to the dozens... etc.  The children begin to adapt, however, and as the story follows the course of generations, they become hardier, mastering their environment as best they can without any metal resources.  

    But they know the Gerns are coming back.  Their forefathers, in order to keep them focused, had sent a message by radio to the Gerns meant to antagonize them into coming back.  They have about two hundred years to get ready.

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