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View Diary: Sen. Inhofe vows to block Hagel vote 'as long as it takes'. (134 comments)

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  •  Donate $ to progressives only, like Al Franken, (3+ / 0-)

    instead of to the DSCC or DCCC.

    That gives progressives more control because if Al Franken has an overflowing war chest, and other candidates, like blue dogs, have to go to him for money instead of the community pool (DSCC, DCCC).  Just like the DSCC or DCCC, Al Franken can say he'll give a candidate money IF they pass a certain litmus test and promise to vote a certain progressive way.

    In addition, pour money into progressive candidates in local and state elections.  For example, there is a dem primary in IL coming up, where only one of the three candidates is a progressive and supports gun control.  Her name is Robin Kelly, supported here at the Kos community. is the link to ACT BLUE taking donations for Robin Kelly in her IL-02 race.  The other two candidates are NRA approved.

    It is all about the money.  That controls everything.

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