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View Diary: A second LAPD officer steps forward to discuss Bill of Rights violations (191 comments)

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  •  I've always had a weird relationship (24+ / 0-)

    with the police.  Considering I am a nice white girl with an English accent, that always behaves.

    First was my friend and business partner.  She always wanted to be a cop, and started by going into corrections.  She worked so hard at it, physically and mentally, and although she was scared (unsurprisingly) when she became a probationary officer, she was so excited.

    I have known her for 25 years and she is as honest as the day is long.

    One day she was called into the office and was basically told to testify against another officer for whom there was a claim of brutality against.  She didn't see it, and that's what she said.  And I believe her.  Because she was probationary, they let her go the next day.

    Next was a friend of my ex-husband who was a cop in S Florida.  I have known him to drive drunk off-duty - rear end someone then flash them the badge and tell them they would be arrested if they complained.  We were stuck in traffic after a night out one night, and he saw a limo in front with girl's be-bopping out of the sun-roof.  He went over to the limo, flashed the badge, put the fear of dog into the limo driver, and confiscated all the alcohol.  Which he opened on returning to our van and consumed it openly.

    Then I had a neighbor here in Arizona who was a cop.  We live on dirt roads.  In fact our entire property is dirt - barely a patch of grass to bee seen.  But the roads are very difficult to traverse, and narrow.  I was having landscaping work done on my property, and all of a sudden I get a call from the landscapers as I see them pelt up the road.  The cop neighbor accused them of putting their wheels on their dirt turning into my backyard, and pulled a gun on them and brandished it.  I didn't blame them for high-tailing it.

    But it got worse.  15 minutes later, this cop neighbor sent a couple of uniformed officers over to my house.  I know what their intention was - to try and intimidate me into not pressing charges.  I reminded them that I personally had not done anything illegal, but my neighbor had done.  And so they switched their tune into saying he didn't want problems with his neighbor.

    So I asked them if I could call them to support my dispute with neighbors at any time - especially if my dirt had been upset by tires.  I asked them were they not taking my taxpayer dollars abusively by supporting their co-worker in a ridiculous (as they had to admit) dispute?

    I also said that if my neighbor really wanted to be a decent guy he would have had the nerve to walk across the dirt himself instead of sending his buddies in a uniform to try and intimidate me.

    So this cop neighbor was killed 4 years later by a criminal, and is now seen as an absolute angel by the entire state of Arizona.  

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