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View Diary: On the Lethal Use of Drones (112 comments)

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  •  The poster was referring to survelliance (0+ / 0-)

    drones, not military drones, to be fair.

    I don't think anyone's OK with armed drones shooting off missiles in the United States in regular communities. I also don't think - as far as the leaked documents we've seen so far - anyone has legally justified its use in that way, not even the White House.

    I'm not a fan of surveillance drones for law enforcement mostly because I see it as a way to cut manned jobs in the future, but I don't really care if all public places are surveyed. You have to assume nothing in public is private these days anyway with cell phone cameras - if any Joe Blow can film me legally (and he can in many cases) and post it on YouTube, I'm fine with the police filming for public safety in the same places. Inside homes, etc, is a different story and hopefully the SC will protect those rights.

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