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  •  There's so much more than just that (0+ / 0-)

    Our society creates this sickness, it's not just a matter of people being crazy.  Dorner is doing what he was trained to do, the target is just not the one our government would prefer.

    •  I haven't read his "manifesto" (1+ / 0-)
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      Nor have I paid any attention to the television shrinks' "profiles" on him.

      Who really knows what drove him over the edge?

      Unless it's a giant conspiracy and he's innocent - The man started killing people because he felt paranoid and persecuted.

      And he has the military-grade weaponry to do it with.

      •  It's not a coincidence that so many people (2+ / 0-)
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        wu ming, NealB

        end up as the crazy lone gun man in our country.  As if they don't have crazy in other countries.

        Unless it's a giant conspiracy and he's innocent - The man started killing people because he felt paranoid and persecuted.
        Or there's just a garden variety conspiracy in the police force, one that we've known about for a long time and that was what made him snap.  It doesn't help that we as a society have pretty much taught him not only how to use violence, but that violence is a useful tool for these situation.

        You can blame everything on the crazy if you want, but that's a very shallow and near sighted view.

        •  There are ways to address being slighted (1+ / 0-)
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          That don't include murdering innocent people or police officers.

          It's unacceptable. In any society worthy of being called a society.

          America has been pretty fucked-up in too many ways to count since long before I've been around, and I've been around a while - I get it.

          You start hurting and killing people. No excuses.

          •  It happens enough here (0+ / 0-)

            and is glorified in movies, so clearly it isn't unacceptable here.

            You start hurting and killing people. No excuses.
            I wonder where someone who was in the military and the police could have learned that hurting and killing people is acceptable.
          •  It's even a bit worse than has been (0+ / 0-)
            Police say Dorner exacted revenge on the lawyer who represented him at the internal review, retired captain Randy Quan, by gunning down his daughter, Monica Quan, 28, and her boyfriend, Keith Lawrence, 27, in their car as they returned home to Irvine, Calif., after the Super Bowl.
            I don't know whether he hired Randy Quan; I haven't seen that stated. Other angry clients might just not pay their attorney's bill if they feel misrepresented. Or they hire a new attorney to sue the first one for malpractice. What Dorner chose was to ambush his former attorney's daughter and her fiance.
            •  Sorry - forgot attribution - that block quote is (0+ / 0-)

              from MSNBC front page post (currently) about Dorner's run with a stolen pick-up and subsequent shoot out, before he fled into the hills and into the cabin that is now burning.

              Won't surprise me if he's already dead, took some suicide pill or something.

      •  The Dorner Identity (0+ / 0-)

        Where can we go to read his "manifesto"?

        It's quite possible he became unhinged and as cold-blooded and vengeful as the LAPD represents. But I suspect we'll never know the full story-- it will be withheld from us.

      •  I read it - his military career ends this month (1+ / 0-)

        He blames the LAPD for all his losses, including loss of his friends, and loss of his relationship with his mother and sister.

        The timing, is because he has "nothing" left to lose.

        He didn't snap, he didn't suddenly become a homicidal maniac. He confessed to getting into fight after fight after fight, from back when he was in school, and including when he was in the LAPD Officer's Academy. Always, according to him, he was addressing some injustice. With violence. He's been a violent person for a long time. What's new is executing a detailed and clearly articulated intent to terrorize and humiliate the LAPD, their families, and their communities. He wrote explicitly that he doesn't expect to survive his plans for revenge.

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