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View Diary: Anti-Divorce Bill in North Dakota (16 comments)

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  •  Not willing to ascribe ill motive .... (8+ / 0-)

    ... but these objections are sound:

    Sherry Mills Moore, a lobbyist with the State Bar Association of North Dakota, spoke against HB1423. Mills Moore questioned the need to mandate counseling for those who already have worked out their financial issues and child visitation on their own.

    “While you’re waiting six months, issues … fall apart,” Mills Moore said. “The waiting period of six months I don’t get.”

    Mills Moore also said mandating counseling would be expensive for a number of people, especially if they’re going through financial difficulties. She also questioned the ability to get access to counseling in the necessary time frame under HB1423.

    Bill Neumann, executive director of the State Bar Association of North Dakota, said making couples wait six months for a divorce was “like requiring people to buckle their safety belts after the accident.”

    Neumann said most people seeking a divorce have likely exhausted all other options prior to pursuing one. He said by the time they’ve begun pursuing a divorce it’s likely too late for any chance of reconciliation.

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