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    Yesterday, hardest decision I've ever made in my life (given others' choices lately, I will just add this was NOT life or death, except emotionally. There may be a country song in there, too...."my heart's on life suport"?). Today, healing and a reset. I'm all cried out anyway. Cheers to finding the strength to let go. Also, cheers to friends who don't let you get away with pretending everything's okay.

    JimInIA: cheers for reminding me of the song "Hot Frogs on the Loose." Speakers on my computer no longer work, so I'm not going to go find a link, but I'm pretty sure it's on YouTube somewhere....aside from that, the frog legs were a little disturbing. And yes, I rocked biology in school, but hated dissecting anything. And no, I'm not a vegetarian. I am comfortable in the dichotomy.

    Cloudy day--expecting rain--actual rain! by evening. Cheers to that.

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