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  •  "Dovetail to the aims of gun manfuacturers" (2+ / 0-)
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    KVoimakas, annecros

    Now that is a rich statement if there ever was one.  You aren't out in left field on understanding this issue, your in the damned parking lot!  

    Proposing that every gun owner get a permit that includes a criminal record and mental health background check is not playing into the aims of the gun manufacturers or the freaking NRA.

    •  You're willing now to propose such (0+ / 0-)

      because the heat is on in the aftermath of mass murders. Once the proposals are drawn up every member of the local gun club will have damp panties over the prospect of registering their weapons because confiscation. It's already been pointed out the tepid reaction your proposals have brought about. Fewer than 10 recs to this diary last I counted.

      As to the general subject of background checks, I am unmoved. The current system sucks and even so there's rabid opposition from absolutists. Even when it's failures are many and manifold. There is literally no way that people who are unwilling to consider taking the Bushmaster rifle and similar weapons off the market, along with the clips which hold dozens or rounds, are going to get behind a robust functional system of background checks. It's pie in the sky.

      This diary is a CYA exercise so that later on you can all say "WE WERE REASONABLE BUT NO YOU PEOPLE GOTTA BE GUN-GRABBERZ" or some other variation on the usual nonsense.

      •  Correction. I have suggested similar measures (1+ / 0-)
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        for quite some time.  Just not on DK.  Until December 2012, guns weren't a topic here and I was content reading (mostly) election politics and a few other items.  That changed when I felt I could no longer allow the dis-information campaign being pushed by Obama and the antis to go unchallenged.  

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