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View Diary: Virginia cuts part-time state workers hours in response to Obamacare (57 comments)

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  •  Until it is more and more and more businesses... (1+ / 0-)
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    and then agencies and now the states.  

    We can only boycott and protest so much, before people will get mad at the law that they blame it all on.

    This was a mistake in the law, this should have been avoided.

    •  The question is two fold. (2+ / 0-)
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      musiccitymollie, semiot

      First, are they cutting the resposibilities of these workers along with their hours? THere will be a huge problem if they are, because what they are doing is cutting twenty five percent of the services that the state will be able to provide which will produce problems everywhere in the state, where the only answer is that the Governor and the State ordered it, under the guise of ducking Obamacare insurance responsibilities. And there will be a huge but different problem if the responsibilities remain the same and only 75 % of the hours theretofore required to do them are now available. See long waiting lines for everything from voter registration and generation of the new docs required for that,to the amount of homework teachers can grade after hours, to police shifts, since you gotta have trained cops and now they can only work 29 hours a day, which requires more cops to do the same jobs.

      Rs must love this on more than one account as it reduces the government footprint by a quarter, and they don't have to tell the "drown it in a bathtub to do it and can instead blame it on Obama story", until the scope is seen and the question becomes whether the new full time work week for which coverage is required is made officially 29 hours.

      Second, is there not a provision under which hours are counted for the number of full time employees or employee equivalents the business has or needs, so that you divide the total number of hours worked by 40 and that is the number you have to pay for if you aren't providing insurance. Cutting to 29 hours don't get it if you have to provide the same services which take the same number of hours, but you have adjusted the hours so that none is over 29 but there are more of them.

      •  I think the provision begins in 2014, hence the (1+ / 0-)
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        jump to cut now.  

        See, my understanding is if they cut prior to 2014, then the new "numbers" are what holds going into 2014.  If they wait until afterwards to cut, then they will have larger requirements per the January numbers they had going in.

        My husband's company is also considering it.  They are considering cutting any apprentices, part time workers, daily workers, and any other "non-essential help" down to under 30 or laying them off altogether.   They never received health benefits in the past, only the decreed full time employees did.

        They are also saying that the full time that remain, those with a degree, (this is who will get to stay...those who have a 2 year degree or more) can and will be asked to pull the weight of those leaving but will get time and a half for any overtime.  

        Apparently their books tell them that it will be cheaper to provide over time to those who are staying, or just eliminate certain jobs all together, rather than cover those who they never covered before.

        The decision has not been finalized.  We hope for our friends sake, it does not happen.

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