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  •  The Congress decides who we are at war with (0+ / 0-)

    Not you, sir. And the Congress has authorized military attacks on Al Qaeda.

    Al Qaeda killed over 3000 American citizens. And we will hunt them down, every last member of this enemy military force.

    And you know what? Being an American citizen didn't protect people who joined the Confederate Army.

    Neither did it provide a shield to those American citizens who joined the German Army during WWII.

    Due process is one of the most important constitutional protections. But only a fool thinks that it applies to lawful military strikes, where the Congress has given its constitutional approval to the conflict.

    Are you that fool, sir?

    •  Drone Policy will be the Downfall of this Admin (1+ / 0-)
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      Its a long a and slippery slope but Obama will find the bottrom. The ACLU is gearing  up, as are other legal groups to challenge this heinously executive over-reach.

      •  No president can fail to fight Al Qaeda (0+ / 0-)

        Even if Hillary Clinton were president (which I hope will come to pass) she would be killing Al Qaeda. With drones.

        Even if Howard Dean were president, he would be killing Al Qaeda. With drones.

        The alternative to drones is sending in a couple divisions of the Army. That means MORE DEATH of American military and MORE DEATH of civilians.

        Which is irrational, bordering in on the insane.

        •  Talk about irrational (0+ / 0-)

          bordering on the insane. How cowardly and nasty to support and believe that this bogus GWOT is anything but what it is, a illegal immoral necon aggressive geopolitical doctrine that reeks of the PNAC and is doing nothing but killing people for profit. It may be sold as keeping us safe but which would be nasty ass want to rule the world regime isn't. You have according to statistics a better chance of being killed by your household appliances then by a terrorist getting you. The alternative is ending this sick excuse for a war.  

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