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  •  Congressional authorization is your due process (0+ / 0-)

    And that is ALL the due process members of a hostile military force at war with the United States get before they are killed.

    That is what makes it war. As opposed to the rules police must follow.

    With regard to the so called wedding party, the military presumably saw a large movement of people, including known hostiles and drew their own conclusions.

    That is what makes it war. No court reviews before you take lethal action.

    Under your theory, the military operation that resulted in killing Bin Laden was illegal. Under your theory he can be actively planning attacks against the United States and our citizens abroad and... so sorry, he is immune from military attack.

    That is bullshit. And you know it.

    In fact, it is prima facia evidence of your dishonest intent here.

    •  Invading Pakistani airspace? (1+ / 0-)
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      They could have legally shot the helicopters down.

      That answers your question on the legality of the raid.

      Just because the result was feel good and America is the biggest bully so what's Pakistan going to do? (perhaps a little embarrasment there, too)

      No dishonest intent here. Want to see a world in which the President (any future one, just not the one you happen to like now) can declare ANYONE, even a citizen living inside the states an enemy combatant under the AUMF and have them summarily executed.

      That you either will not admit that is what you are arguing for, or can't see it (or refuse to believe it would happen) IS evidence of either a pernicious mind, a facile one (or one clawing against the dissonance).

      •  Time for a new political party (0+ / 0-)

        The idiots who think killing Bin Laden was illegal Party.

        OBL was the member of a hostile military force at war with the United States and a legitimate military target under the international laws of war.

        And it would have made no difference if Bin Laden were an American citizen. Citizens and non-citizens have the same rights under the US Constitution, except for the right to vote.

        •  The same one as the "Dresden was a war crime" (0+ / 0-)

          party you ignorant and specious fool?

          Actually, at least killing OBL achieved some good.

          Just because your government has done something, gotten away with it, and you think the outcome was good...

          Does not mean what was done was legal.

          Wait until the actors are reversed some day, and you will be screaming your indignanty...

          But once again, no, just because I disagree with the President on THE ISSUE OF DRNOE STRIKES AS IT CURRENTLY STANDS. Doesn't mean there needs to be a new party. Only a mendacious and highly pernicious actor would argue any such thing.

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