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  •  He's an awful writer & he's a troll who has also (9+ / 0-)

    written some trash for HuffPo, most recently arguing that the President is a secret Muslim set to destroy America from within republican who ran as a Democrat to destroy the Democratic party from within.

    ...he entered politics as a "Democrat" only because this was the only way that a black man, when he entered politics, could at all reasonably have aspired to become the U.S. President.
    •  My first impression was that this guy is not (4+ / 0-)
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      Brown Thrasher, Aviate, kalmoth, avsp

      necessarily a troll, and people were just overreacting to his title. Then I took a look at the HuffPo article that you quoted (the charmingly titled Barack Obama Is Now Completing His Long-Held Plan to Subvert the Democratic Party), and it contains a number of paranoid references to Obama's race.

      Obama was consistently acting as if he wanted liberals to view him in historical hindsight as having been merely stupid, not evil - not a Manchurian Candidate, a Trojan-Horse secret Republican in Democratic garb, all along. Not a traitor to the Democratic Party, and to the entire bottom 99.9% of the American people. However, only a fool would think that Barack Obama was a fool. Obama was, instead, brilliant, whatever else one might be able intelligently to say of him. His plan here was, indeed, brilliant - first the give-away on December 6th of the 14th Amendment; then the give-away of the fiscal cliff on January 1st, which freed the Republicans to hold hostage now the nation's credit-rating - and, like Obama's entire life since he had first decided as a conservative Black to enter politics with his secret ultimate aim being to become the nation's first black President, his political skills dwarfed any competitor's: that's why he had become President, in the first place, and it's how he had stayed President now.
      It's a rant about that sneaky usurper Obama pretending to be someone he's not so he can undermine the nation. Sound familiar?

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