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  •  THIS was the best the GOP had to offer?! (10+ / 0-)

    This looked like the GOP grabbed some anonymous schmuck off the street, put him in a suit, gave him a script and turned the camera on.

    It was totally tone deaf and pretty much screamed 'I spent the speech with my fingers in my ears and screaming LALALALALALA!'. He offered no real solutions, just the same GOP BS of hurting the poor to help the rich and attacking President Obama for things he didn't say.

    •  Good recap (1+ / 0-)
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      When he blamed the housing crisis on "big government", I was done. That's just BS. And I've read on Twitter that his "modest" home is worth a half-million. BS artist.

      The civil rights, gay rights and women's movements, designed to allow others to reach for power previously grasped only by white men, have made a real difference, and the outlines of 21st century America have emerged. -- Paul West of LA Times

      by LiberalLady on Tue Feb 12, 2013 at 09:00:50 PM PST

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