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View Diary: If Republicans hate the sequester so much, why won't they get rid of it? (105 comments)

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  •  Send those clowns to the circus (1+ / 0-)
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    Of all the juvenile, moronic, half-assed stunts, this one takes a prize.  Yesterday it was some Texas half-wit bringing a certifiably insane rocker to the SOTU address.  Before that it was John "Yellow-Belly" Boehner calling POTUS a coward.  And now this bullshit.  These clowns don't belong in Congress.  They belong in a fricking circus, and not a good one.  These half-ass clowns might, just might, be able to make it in one of those travelling carnival shows you see setting up for about a week far out in the back parking lot of some fourth-rate suburban mall.  They don't last much more than a week because by then, most of the staff have been arrested for public drunkeness or molesting the customers.  These GOP congress-critters would fit right in at an operation like that, but they sure as hell do not belong in the U.S. Congress.  

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