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View Diary: Guardian exposes more lies in Ping Fu's "memoir" (120 comments)

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  •  Your misinterpreting that paragraph (3+ / 0-)
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    elfling, Sharon Wraight, absdoggy

    and the story of how this NY Times fact checked memoir came into being.

    Ling presented them with an already completed manuscript, his diary, which he constantly refers to in the book. They helped him organize it and translate it.

    It's extremely well written and full of naive observations by a teenager as recalled by someone in his 20s.

    Ling's "unconscious" contributions referred to are that the 20 year old Ling is often lampooning the 16 year old Ling's "arrogance and ignorance, his guile and naivete, his ineffable vanity and affection for family." It's pretty clear that unconscious is the wrong word because throughout the book Ling is harshly critical of his 16 year old self for precisely these characteristics.

    Anyway, you are depending into semantics to defend the bizarre idea that Ping Fu's memoir can't be correct because there wasn't food in Shanghai because the famine was still ongoing. But there was food in the cities and the famine ended in 61:

    ...was the period in the People's Republic of China between the years 1958 and 1961 characterized by widespread famine

    Not sure what to make of all your misdirection for your factual errors in trying to create factual errors in Fu's story.

    •  HamdenRice, I respect your knowldege in (3+ / 0-)
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      xgz, Buhui, hqc

      Chinese history and, esp. in CR. However, all your historical, philosophical, political stuff is really mind-boggling and beyond me. I am kind of low brow and like simplicity. I have a simple question that begs for answer. I have asked you once and I will ask you again: if you have two small kits, will you invite (or kidnap) a stranger (who knows only three English words) to babysit them when you are away at work the whole day? I am all ears here.

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