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View Diary: Guardian exposes more lies in Ping Fu's "memoir" (120 comments)

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  •  Let's assume all you said is correct and (4+ / 0-)
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    xgz, hailanzhiguang, Buhui, hqc

    all others, experts or not, are wrong. I will just ask you one simple question. Assuming we all live in the States. If you have two kits, will you ask (or kidnap) a stranger to babysit them when you are away at work? Since you are such a knowledgeable person, you should have an easy answer. I am all ears.

    •  He wasn't a good Dad, I suppose (0+ / 0-)

      My ex-mother in law had a similar experience arriving at Kennedy Airport in the 1970s from Greneda. She didn't know anyone, a Grenedan woman offered to help her, and that woman confiscated her passport and kept her virtual prisoner for a year.

      Because of the stories she told me, I didn't find that particular part of Fu's story unbelievable.

      There are plenty of scams carried out against newly arrived confused immigrants mostly by their own countrymen.

      •  Wait, now it's really interesting (3+ / 0-)
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        xgz, hqc, hailanzhiguang

        Your ex inlaw was kidnapped at JFK by a Grenadian in the 1970s? Are you just making shit up as you go?

      •  Hey, Editor, wait a minute! (2+ / 0-)
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        xgz, hqc

        You did not answer my question.  My question was, if you have two small kits, will you invite (or kidnap, for that matter) a stranger to babysit them while you are away at work the whole day? Was your ex-mother kidnapped to babysit someone's small kits when there was nobody else at home to take care of them? Kidnapping happens here and there all the time. It is not uncommon, but to kidnap a stranger to sit one's babies really challenges the common sense. Were we not taught " Don't speak to strangers" by our parents when we were young? I don't think you, as a parent, will ever ask a stranger to babysit your kits unless you are mentally retarded!!

    •  And I'm not saying other experts are wrong (0+ / 0-)

      In fact, I'm not aware of any experts slamming Ms. Fu's book, just a swarm of bloggers.

      I'm not saying I'm right, and they're wrong. It's just that the criticism of Ms. Fu, on it's face, doesn't make sense. Her book is condemned because she says she was in a labor camp; except she never wrote that she was in a labor camp. Her book is condemned because she couldn't have had an X-ray; but she never said she had an X-ray.

      It's just weird that this army of angry critics is reacting to what other bloggers have said about the book, and not to the book.

      •  Perry Link is pretty much a China expert, (3+ / 0-)
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        hailanzhiguang, hqc, xgz

        an expert not welcomed by Beijing at that. He personally possess a copy of the "This Generation" publication (there was only one issue), and it didn't contain anything remotely related to Ping Fu or her college. And she says she has an article in there. Or the few professors named in the recent Guardian article, they are not just bloggers.

        I do see some criticism that are not based on her book or what she said. But there are numerous others that are. You choose to ignore all those and canvas critics of Fu as an angry army.

        On this particular issue of gang rape, I also think it's not the best place to poke holes in. But I don't think xgz's points are totally invalid. I don't think rape on the NAAU campus is anywhere close to rape in front of 1600 Penn. Numerous rapes happened in the CR no doubt. And there were consequences for rape and especially gang rape. Heck many people were put in prison for rape they never committed. It's a serious and powerful charge at that time. Ken Ling's book described gang rapes of over a hundred girls and in more than one occassion. This is shocking and at least I haven't read about that elsewhere. I would put more weight into it if it was indeed based on diaries. That would have been exactly ONE account corroborating unpunished gang rape in the CR. If "rape was common among rival factions of the Red Guard", as you claim, I'd be interested to know about the other stories. But for now I don't know if there's any point to that, when you've placed your credibility very close to the level of Ping Fu's.

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