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View Diary: Guardian exposes more lies in Ping Fu's "memoir" (120 comments)

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  •  Hi Editor in Chief, (4+ / 0-)
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    xgz, hqc, yjbc, Buhui

    You did not answer my question.  My question was, if you have two small kids, will you invite (or kidnap, for that matter) a stranger to babysit them while you are away at work the whole day? Was your ex-mother in law kidnapped to babysit someone's small kids when there was nobody else at home to take care of them? Kidnapping happens here and there all the time. It is not uncommon. But to kidnap a stranger to sit one's babies really challenges the common sense. Were we not taught  "Don't speak to strangers" by our parents when we were young? I don't think you, as a parent, will ever ask a stranger to babysit your kids and put them in harm's way unless you are mentally retarded!!

    •  Join date: Feb 9, 2013 (0+ / 0-)

      Zero diaries. 10 comments, all about Ping Fu and all comments in diaries by xgz.

      Yes you and your related sock puppets are entitled to post whatever you want, and I'm entitled to ignore you as time wasters with no logical arguments whatsoever.

      •  For the sake of argument (6+ / 0-)
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        xgz, hailanzhiguang, hqc, yjbc, Buhui, dddc

        Let's say that all your suspicions are true. That they are someone's sock puppets and I got paid by the Chinese government.

        But why would you lie? Why?

        However ridiculous the "kidnapped at JFK for one year" story sounds, that isn't something one can easily check. But Ken Ling's book isn't that rare. All your claims, that the book is based on his diaries, that it's 'extensively fact checked', with 'everything corroborated', by 'prominent scholars'? None of that is true. Preface, footnotes, whatever, none of it is true.

        It's possible that you misinterpreted the preface. It isn't really possible to misunderstand the footnotes as extensive fact checking. I'd be open to change my mind if you have other sources that did the fact checking and corroborating. But the footnotes didn't do that.

        I doubt you can come up with anything though. Because at this point your only resort is to character assassinate fellow posters. Sure I'm new to DK and I didn't post as much. At least I didn't lie. That should weigh more than seniority at a website, even at DK, no?

      •  Editor, by reading just ONE novel, (5+ / 0-)
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        hailanzhiguang, xgz, hqc, yjbc, Buhui

        you think you already know all about China and CR? A smattering of knowledge is a dangerous thing, son! You are running the risk of making a fool of yourself and becoming a laughing stock. Concede and retreat while you still can. Don't make things worse by labeling others "sock puppets" or "paid trolls".

        •  It's not just that he's relying so much on a book, (6+ / 0-)
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          hailanzhiguang, xgz, dddc, hqc, yjbc, Buhui

          an autobiographical novel notwithstanding, he's actually making multiple erroneous claims about the book in favor of his argument, which can be easily checked. It isn't such a rare book to get one's hand on. I've already provided a link to the Chinese version. The English version is also widely available in university and city libraries.

          What is he betting on, that nobody would check?

          I have the same question when Ping Fu linked to a photo that shows her wearing red guard armband that she claimed shows she doesn't wear one. And she would link to a blog post (in Chinese) of her classmate that disputed her claims, but she would say that it supports her story.

          I think they are betting on people just being lazy.

      •  By writing "I' am entitled to ingore you (4+ / 0-)
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        hailanzhiguang, xgz, hqc, yjbc

        as time wasters", you already contradicted yourself. If you want to ignore me and others "as time wasters with no logical arguments whatsoever", you are supposed to write nothing in response.  Logically sound, huh?

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