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View Diary: Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu starts off the 2014 campaign in unexpectedly good shape (90 comments)

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  •  You'll (7+ / 0-)

    care when she's replaced by a Republican and Mitch McConnell is the Majority Leader who makes committee assignments and decides what's voted on and what's not voted on.

    •  Yes, this is something... (6+ / 0-)

      To keep in mind. As frustrating as Red State Blue Dog Dems can be, a G-O-TEA run Senate with the likes of Jim Inhofe, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul chairing committees is downright frightening!

    •  Please. Republicans already control the Senate (0+ / 0-)

      just not in name.  

      And good heavens, if they ever do get control of it in name, what might they do? Extend the Bush tax cuts permanently?  Screw teachers, union members, the unemployed?  Extend offshore oil drilling?  Scotch any meaningful financial reform?  Obstruct investigation into financial misdeeds?  Impose austerity on everyone but the rich?

      The Democrats have gone along with all those things.  They give voters absolutely no reason to vote for them.

      Shirley Chisholm was right. Our Republic is in deep trouble.

      by Big River Bandido on Wed Feb 13, 2013 at 07:16:06 PM PST

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      •  you need to think bigger (2+ / 0-)
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        stevenaxelrod, KingofSpades

        you forget about the tea party wing

        extending the bush tax cuts its nothing they'll want to expand them.

        A democratic senate does do us much more good than you think. Would rather have senate consisting of 39 purist Democrats and 61 GOPers? What good could the party do then?

        In fact, the occasional victory for the GOP cannot hide the fact that this country is fast heading into another era, not of two-party democracy, but a party-and-a-half system. And the GOP is the half a party- Larry Sabato

        by lordpet8 on Wed Feb 13, 2013 at 08:02:35 PM PST

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      •  Hmm, yeah (3+ / 0-)

        David Vitter heading the Environmental Committee would be so much better than Barbara Boxer! Richard Burr heading the Veterans Committee would be so much better than Bernie Sanders.

        •  Barbara Boxer has held that chair for 4 years now (0+ / 0-)

          and what great accomplishments does she have to show for it?  What has she done to up the ante on climate change in the public debate?  What has she — or any other member of the Senate, from either party — done to mitigate the potentially catastrophic consequences we face from climate change?

          Shirley Chisholm was right. Our Republic is in deep trouble.

          by Big River Bandido on Thu Feb 14, 2013 at 09:34:55 AM PST

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