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View Diary: Canada's Tar Sands: All Dressed up and No Place to Go? (39 comments)

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  •  There are plenty of refineries in Europe (0+ / 0-)

    and those refineries will be after crude and not finished petroleum products.

    •  EU refineries tend to need light crude API 31 (0+ / 0-)

      or better, since the biggest selling product is from Syncrude Canada, who offers 2 light crudes......


      These 2 products are tailored for EU refineries, for the refinery that uses coking, the low sulfur API 31-34 is fine, for the refinery that uses catalytic cracking, they can handle the higher sulfur API 38.

      FDR 9-23-33, "If we cannot do this one way, we will do it another way. But do it we will.

      by Roger Fox on Thu Feb 14, 2013 at 04:36:03 PM PST

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