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View Diary: Warren, Brown, Reed demand majority vote on Cordray nomination (40 comments)

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  •  Harry Reed Choose to Continue Minority Rule (4+ / 0-)
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    Our nation continues to be ruled by the minority party thanks to Reed choosing over and over again to hand over his power to run the Senate to the Republicans. If the majority party chooses to vote themselves out of power, as they have over and over with their Senate rules that hands over all power to the minority then what purpose do our elections serve?

    I can only conclude that the Democrats prefer to have the Republicans to blame because it offers a smokescreen for the fact that they have no intention of passing many of the things they claim to want to pass. Between the Electoral College, Gerrymandered Districts, and the Filibuster, America has allowed itself to become a nation in which the few dictate to the many.

    •  You have your Jack Reed/Harry Reid mixed up. (0+ / 0-)

      And ... it isn't "America" who allowed anything on the filibuster. It's the US Senate (beginning, arguably, with a threat in 1837) and, as far as we're concerned, the Democratic leadership in the Senate in 2011 and again this year.

      Gerrymandering has been around - on a bi-partisan basis - since 1812. The Electoral College was created by the Founders in Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution. I'm not defending any of these, just pointing out that they are durable, having withstood the tests of time, survived many attempts to "reform" them and became embedded in political procedure.

      Now, who knows what Harry Reid's motivations were in not attacking the filibuster rules and demanding a return to the "talking filibuster" and more severely and by rule cutting back the use of the filibuster. He relinquished his claim to leadership when he admitted (after the fact) that he "personally" did not support the talking filibuster. Had he and his leadership team voted for reform, that would have been four more votes in favor. But the senior Senators had their way with what appears little - if any - resistance from Harry.

      We will pay for his fumble error in judgment deliberately thrown interception for the next two years.

      2014 IS COMING. Build up the Senate. Win back the House : 17 seats. Plus!

      by TRPChicago on Wed Feb 13, 2013 at 08:21:30 PM PST

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