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  •  urban vs. suburban (1+ / 0-)
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    Stephen Wolf

    Not sure that this is a significant distinction. Maricopa County has had very suburban-style development patterns,  which is because, in a nation full of terrible anti-urban development policies, Maricopa has some of the worst; building densely is essentially illegal there.

    But that just means that as a "city" Pheonix is more suburban in character - in other words, people who would be living in street-fronting apartment buildings or other multi-unit buildings in other cities are compelled to live in detached single family or low-rise apartment buildings. But why would that fact affect voting behavior?

    And anyways, the general pattern of suburban development holds throughout the Sunbelt, yet that hasn't stopped other urban areas from trending blue - Los Angeles, notably; but also places like Charlotte, Raleigh, Austin, San Antonio, Atlanta, Northern Virginia... even Tucson, for that matter.

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