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View Diary: An Albertan's view of Keystone and the Tar Sands (62 comments)

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    Unless there is an iron-clad agreement by the Canadian people to leave that stuff in the ground in perpetuity, the XL pipeline won't matter much.

    The only reason the XL is under consideration is there is existing refining capacity on the Gulf Coast. If the pipeline is stopped, a great deal will still reach the G.C. through existing pipelines and refining capacity will be added in Canada so they can export from their west coast.

    In other words, the XL pipeline is small potatoes. I think monetizing the carbon and making tar sands bear their true cost will do more to keep the kerogen (that stuff ain't oil) in the ground.

    "Who is John Galt?" A two dimensional character in a third rate novel.

    by Inventor on Thu Feb 14, 2013 at 09:32:46 AM PST

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