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  •  Well, I certainly hope (15+ / 0-)

    folks realize, I'm not trying to condemn anyone.  It does come back to, we all react differently.  But I personally feel it is very important not just for the immediate interaction, but for the larger picture also, to consider each other as people first, not just a faceless comment.

    Thanks so much for participating in this.

    You are my brother, my sister.

    by RoCali on Fri Feb 15, 2013 at 10:50:53 AM PST

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    •  Your words made me pause (4+ / 0-)
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      tb mare, Onomastic, RoCali, mapamp

      in the middle of a busy day to stop and reflect. I'll be thinking harder about what I say, and why people might be expressing themselves in a certain manner, from now on. I, at least, find it far too easy to unconsciously ascribe my own motives, abilities and background knowledge to someone who has no reason to share them.

    •  There are a couple different types however... (2+ / 0-)
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      RoCali, mapamp

      Some just cannot hold back with the red pen. They HAVE to correct stuff.  It can be a slight  compulsion or very obsessive.

      Some, do it because they have no actual input to a debate.

      They attack spelling or grammar in an attempt to make their "opponent" look less intelligent.

      One fellow several years ago here, went after me for a missed apostrophe.

      He called me illiterate.

      Because of an apostrophe?

      I started reading actual books at age 4 and can  read three books a day. I was tested in school because they did think I was unable to read, but I was at a University level of reading and comprehension in grade 8. I was just very bad at writing.

      The rules of apostrophes and periods and commas totally confound me. Math is like a foreign language. I struggled through these portions of the program in school. A learning disability of some sort? Perhaps.

      So it just comes off as being mean and petty and smug when some people post flippant remarks.

      Now that there is Kosmail, there is no real reason to embarrass people in the public comments forums.

      The red pen vigilantes, they make themselves feel good, no matter the cost.

      "As the days go by, we face the increasing inevitability that we are alone in a godless, uninhabited, hostile and meaningless universe. Still, you've got to laugh, haven't you?" - Holly, Red Dwarf

      by pale cold on Sat Feb 16, 2013 at 09:26:08 AM PST

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      •  pale, (2+ / 0-)
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        mapamp, pale cold

        Thank you for pointing out the fact that Kosmail allows a gentle correction, without public humiliation. We do learn from our mistakes and constructive criticism is valuable. We do not learn well from embarrassment or cruelty. I also like the way you highlight how one can excel at reading while struggling a bit with writing. We are indeed all very different, which is a wonderful thing. If only we can remain patient with those different from ourselves.  Thanks for reading and contributing here.

        You are my brother, my sister.

        by RoCali on Sat Feb 16, 2013 at 09:38:23 AM PST

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