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  •  About college (14+ / 0-)

    When I went to UCB the tuition and fees were 212.50 per term--about $1,080 in current dollars, or  $3,240 a year. To make tuition, I did landscaping in the summer and got paid $3.50 an hour. When I look up what that is in the BLS inflation calculator, in today's $$ it's around $18 and hour! As an annual income that would be over $36,000 in today's money, so working for three months was the same as earning 2.7 times the tuition.

    The corporate success in killing wage growth over the last 30 years precludes education for self-motivated students, while also, far more importantly, killing the tax base that used to subsidize tuition and fees. Today's tuition and fees are about $7,500. or double the inflated 212.50. To cover that in three months of summer work now would require over $20,000 or an annual wage rate over $80,000.

    California became a hub for technology because it funded the best system of public education in the world. I am sad that young people today do not have the same opportunities because of short-sighted policy.

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    by marketgeek on Sun Feb 17, 2013 at 05:39:17 PM PST

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