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View Diary: Boomers Die Hard, if Long-Term Unemployed (112 comments)

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  •  Right, I think we agree - reasonably (0+ / 0-)

    qaulified covers EVERYTHING you can do.

    Can you walk, can you sit, can you speak clearly, can you hear.

    E.g. if you can sit but not stand, you can do work that doesn't require standing or walking.

    E.g. if you can speak or type, but you have a hearing deficit a phone/computer can be specially equipped so that you can make phone calls.

    That's not what UI is talking about. When you certify for UI that you are ready, willing, and able, you are certifying that you are able to work in the same/similar field in which you worked when you were laid off, or something reasonbly related.

    The other thing about long term UI, after the federal benfits kick you, you have to be claiming every week. There can be no break in your claim, because originally a claim was only good for 1 year total calendar time, and a maximum of 26 weeks in which you were entitled to any UI benefit. E.g. in that case, if you worked 2 or 3 days, but you made the whole amount of the max benefit or more, it was better for you to skip claiming that week.  With long term UI you can't do that, you simply lose that week of benefit.

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