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View Diary: The History of the Washington DC NFL Team Makes Their Name Even More Unconscionable (29 comments)

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  •  Different strokes for different folks. (1+ / 0-)
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    We all like different things, we all try to make our lives more enjoyable by having hobbies and interests, and most of us realize that our choices are no better or worse than the choices others make. Only an narcissist would feel that his or her interests are superior to those of others. Progressives are people who are supposed to celebrate human diversity, not people who are dogmatic and believe that their own concept of entertainment should apply universally. That's just stupid.

    •  I respect diversity but not conservative diversity (0+ / 0-)

      I think the world would be a lot better place if Limbaugh and Fox News were banned.

      I don't object to sports fandom necessarily, but it has spawned an industry within itself to the point of obsession.

      Hopefully by banning Hank Williams Jr's song from the football TV show will make less teabaggers watch football and they'll pursue more enlightened interests like reading about Charles Darwin or make them want to visit The Louvre in Paris.  Perhaps by doing that, they will become progressives.

      •  What kind of liberal are you, (0+ / 0-)

        the Soviet kind? We don't ban things in this country because we don't personally like them. You really need to do some deep thinking as to what kind of society you'd like to live in, because a society in which you personally get to decide what the rest of us watch or listen to is one that would represent a major step back in human enlightenment.

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