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  •  Here's mine (9+ / 0-)

    The assignment:

    "There’s this library.

    To find the map that leads to the swamp where dwelleth the transom alligator who guards the Least Grebe who knows the location where the Jewel was last seen, our Callow Youth must go to the library

    (and there’s something kind of strange about this library, by the way)

    and consult the most annoying librarian C.Y. could possibly imagine.

    Try to limit yourself to 150 words."

    And my response:
    "Hello, I'd like to..."

    "Number please."

    "We're the only people in here."

    "That makes no difference. No library services without a number!" hissed the librarian.

    The youth said, "Very well! Where do I get a number?"

    "Shhh! This is a library, you know. As for the numbers, we are expecting a new set any day now."

    "Can't you make an exception?" said the youth.

    The librarian said sternly, "No exceptions! No exceptions at all."

    "B b but that makes no sense. And time is critical," said the youth.

    "No," said the librarian, "Time is an abstraction, not an actor. Therefore time is incapable of being critical."

    "Aha!" said the youth. "You just gave advice about wording, which is traditionally a library service. And to a numberless patron."

    "Did not!" she said, "That was a sarcastic rejoinder."

    The youth said, "Enough. Who is your supervisor?"

    "That would be Mr Ali Gator."



    Strange that a harp of thousand strings should keep in tune so long

    by jabney on Thu Feb 14, 2013 at 06:10:11 PM PST

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