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  •  You're probably overestimating (1+ / 0-)
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    the number of Americans who can afford investments today.  Further, 401(k)'s have basically been forced on employees by bosses who've dumped pension plans.  Most Americans don't have investor skills to wisely invest themselves or to pick a good adviser.  Economic crises can devastate investment accounts.  The corporations that dumped pension plans know investment is risky - otherwise they'd be trying to make a profit investing their pension fund money.  Yes, a few lucky folks could end up ahead with a retirement investment account, but on the whole pension plans are better.

    •  Nonetheless, anyone with a 401(K) (2+ / 0-)
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      Whatithink, nextstep

      is an investor, and is making money off investments.  (After all, when the market dropped, most of what we heard about was the dramatic effect on 401k's.)  That may have been forced on us by the government, who provided the financial incentives for employers to switch from defined benefits plans to 401(k)'s (after all, "401(k)" is a provision in the Internal Revenue Code put there by Congress).  But the fact remains that anyone with a 401(k) is an "investor."'

      And, of course, the vast majority of governmental pension plans, like teacher retirement systems, are also "investors."

      And, because I have money invested in my business, I'm an investor in that sense, too.    

      It's not like there's a handful of people in this country who are "investors" and who are making money from business.

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