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  •  Standing inspection and failing because (5+ / 0-)

    my shoes were not as shiny as they were when I left my apartment a half mile away on a rainy day. Having that pointed out to me by the CO while he was wearing pieces of two different uniforms was highly enlightening.
    The NCO who pointed out the wardrobe malfunction to the CO in private after the inspection was told to shut up. He was lucky he didn't have to clean and paint rocks with me for his insubordination.
    Lesson learned? When you've made enough rank, you can choose to be lax rather than to set an example.

    As master-at-arms in bootcamp, I followed the guide book as to the orderliness of the barracks to the letter. I ensured the feet on the legs of the table did indeed center on the proper intersections of the floor tiles and the chairs were placed with microscopic precision. Yet we took a hit. It was my Company Commander's first tour as such. He was cool enough not to mash me without checking first. I took the redbook and walked to the offending corner and demonstrated to him that my ducks marched in a row.

    With me in the office, he called the inspector's unit and told them they needed to remove the hit. They told him they went by the bluebook, not the red. He hangs up and pulls out the bluebook. Under the furniture section, it says "See the Redbook".
    "Well," he says, smiling up at me, "I guess we'll eat that one. They're mostly just fucking with me 'cuz this is my first inspection in Boot."
    John White was a very cool CC. Got the job done and I busted my ass for him. Looked a LOT like Jimi Hendrix.

    Lesson(s) learned on that one? SNAFU is a constant state of being. It permeated the regimented, orderly military lifestyle like water in a sponge. Part of your arsenal best be a sense of humor. And when a superior cuts you slack, you better appreciate it because that shit could have been yours (mine) to step in.

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    by Gentle Giant on Thu Feb 14, 2013 at 12:20:10 PM PST

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