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View Diary: Marriage Equality in France: a heroine struggles against a rising right wing (44 comments)

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  •  thanks for your comment (3+ / 0-)

    I figured it was a bit of pollinization from American politics, our right really does poison a lot.

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    by terrypinder on Thu Feb 14, 2013 at 12:49:36 PM PST

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    •  The Repubs poisoned more. (10+ / 0-)

      That is commenting form Holland here. Yes there has ben americanist infection in our political styles too, but it isnt from your tea party. Those are seen as crazies, they wouldnt be emulated; not by the "established" right wing in any case. We do have a growing right-wing mob political style (think Wilders in Holland) but I think that is pretty indigenous - political mobs arent exactly new in European politics. Instead, the septic political intoxication came with the Bush years, from what is now seen as your establishment republicans. It was the PNAC´s ambitions and successes in practically banning left-wing thought from the reaches of publically acceptable dicourse that impressed right wingers here, and that is what they (and also the Sarkozyites in France, as fas as I know, though I´d have to defer to the diarist) tried to copy. They wanted the absolute political supremacy that Republicans seemed to achieve, but not to institute mob rule (which is unpredictable and dangerous), but to establish a semi-oligarchy, ultimately linking back to the very European padrone style. Thats quite different.

      From the perspective of a, well, say, patriotic European, what I might be, those were the more bitter years than the years now, because they demonstrated just how much European thought was de facto dependent on US political thought, even while publicly protesting against the crassities of Bush.

    •  It does... (2+ / 0-)

      ...but it pollinates (poisonously) differently.

      For example, both brands of conservatism have a "moral" component, but it plays out differently between the US and Europe.  (In this regard, the American right wing is more consistent strategically than their European counterparts.)  In Europe, the "moral failings" perceived by the right wing have more to do with economic, work, and social insurance expectations.  ("You have a 35 hour workweek and can retire at 60, and you insist on it even though we consider it a threat to the social order, so now you're going to be punished" as opposed to "God is punishing the gays by trashing the economy.")  For example, when discussing Greece, very little attention goes to its tax administration system (which doesn't administer anything) because the prevailing center-right ideology in Europe is that the Greeks are lazy.  (They aren't, they have one of the longest workweeks in Europe and have to deal with a failing infrastructure on top pf that.  That bastion of work ethic, Germany, has a shorter work week and work year than the US.)

      In the US, the conservative principle of "moral failing" is aimed at minorities, anyone well educated, GLBT folk and non-Christians, single people (especially single women), and the "DFH", a catch all phrase that started with attacks on young left-leaning baby boomers associated with "counterculture" values).  There is a strong sexual and religious component in the US that is not taking as well as they'd like in Western Europe.  (The US right wing is having a lot more success in places like Russia, China, parts of Africa, and the Middle East.)

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