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View Diary: Should Reid resign if Hagel Nomination is held up? (423 comments)

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  •  And these of little faith are not willing to see (3+ / 0-)
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    TLS66, mmacdDE, elwior

    this GOP move blow up in their face, which I predict it will.

    •  Exactly What Consequences Will the GOP Suffer? nt (6+ / 0-)

      "The problem with posting quotes off the Internet is you never know if they're genuine."--Gen. George Washington at the Battle of Gettysburg, February 30, 1908

      by Aspe4 on Thu Feb 14, 2013 at 11:09:07 AM PST

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      •  Hopefully, losing more seats (3+ / 0-)
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        LilithGardener, Albanius, elwior

        In 2014. Maybe losing the house, if the meme sticks to the party, and not individuals.

        And if the senate, run by the dems, passes stuff that people want and it's held up in the house, which the GOP runs... Well, the ads write themselves.

        •  You have got to be kidding (12+ / 0-)
          Maybe losing the house, if the meme sticks to the party, and not individuals.
          So you see 2014 as potentially being a bigger landslide than literally any mid-term elections in the 20th or 21st century? And that landslide being in the Democratic direction, which traditionally has a lot more trouble turning out their base than the Republicans do, in mid-term elections?

          I think 'maybe losing the house' is a wildly, ridiculously over-optimistic sentiment, and one which, if we're not careful, will prevent us from laying the groundwork necessary to take back the house in 2022. Because unless the Republicans actually start shooting puppies on national TV, or literally declare war against the United States, we will not be winning back the house until we can undo at least some of the Greatest Gerrymander.

          •  History isnt destiny (0+ / 0-)

            The tendency of the non presidential party to gain seats in non-presidential elections is an empirical fact, not an Iron Law.  Likewise gerrymanders can be overridden by a wave election.  We just won (by 19 votes!) a key race for control of the NY State Senate in a newly created seat that had been custom tailored for the millionaire GOP candidate.

            All we need is a wave of revulsion against the Birchers and Ayn Rantists who dominate the House majority, and a SERIOUS Dem effort to organize and mobilize, using the full power of the Obama organization.

            The Repugs gained some 63 House seats in 2010 by nationalizing the election.  We only need to pick up about 17, though more would be better.  The large number of  extreme GOP positions add up to a target rich environment.

            There's no such thing as a free market!

            by Albanius on Thu Feb 14, 2013 at 12:40:58 PM PST

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        •  We can't keep banking on HOPE (2+ / 0-)
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          elwior, qofdisks


          And this is not just "stuff people want". This is the Secretary of Defense of the United States.

          It is time to #Occupy Media.

          by lunachickie on Thu Feb 14, 2013 at 12:06:23 PM PST

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        •  The opposite is likely to happen (0+ / 0-)

          The 2014 election for the Senate is already a tough one for the Dems and if they cut Social Security, you can kiss that majority goodbye.   If we stay in Afghanistant (the current plan is to leave troops there after 2014) or keep getting into other highly unpopular wars, kiss the Senate goodbye.  Heck we'll be really lucky to hold onto it even if those things don't happen and it's a midterm and we all know how midterms are. Last time there were a ton of Obama voters who never bothered to vote in the midterms.  Youth was one of the demographics. I don't remember the details on who else didn't turn out but it wasn't the progressives.

          "Justice is a commodity"

          by joanneleon on Thu Feb 14, 2013 at 02:57:18 PM PST

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        •  No Way - not becaue of a filibuster (0+ / 0-)

          The media doesn't criticize them at all for filibusters and also misrepresent what a filibuster means.

          It takes votes - yes or no - to affect an politicians record and to have any chance of unseating them. That's why the chummy arrangment between Reid and the Republicans to keep the filibuster is so indsidious. It allows both sides to grandstand and pretend to do things they have no intention of doing.

          Self-described political "centrists" believe the best policy is halfway between right and wrong. — @RBReich via web

          by BentLiberal on Thu Feb 14, 2013 at 09:12:19 PM PST

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      •  Congress' approval rating is a 9% (2+ / 0-)
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        elwior, The Nose

        we picked up how many seats, some of which were outright gifts from the Tea Party faithful.

        22 votes against the VAWA, all GOP, all men.

        More Tea Party nonsense, please.

        Go ahead, more grandstanding.

        Please proceed, Senators.

      •  GOP was predicted to win the Senate in 2012 (2+ / 0-)
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        Hammerfell Aegis, The Nose

        Instead they lost mightily.  A big part was Obama's coattails, but frustration with Republican Senator's bullshit should not be overlooked.

        Minority rights should never be subject to majority vote.

        by lostboyjim on Thu Feb 14, 2013 at 12:44:58 PM PST

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