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View Diary: House Republicans: Gosh, maybe opposing Violence Against Women Act is a bad idea for 2014 (35 comments)

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    I wish they would change this legislation to the "Violence against people act".  Violence against women is a serious issue, but there is also violence against Black males in Chicago, violence against students at public schools like Newtown, etc.  The list goes on.  

    We should stand as one people and not only end the violence against women, but against all people.  

    Lets stop violence against people!  All people!

    •  this is what i hate.. that violence against (0+ / 0-)

      women is some how more important than violence against men. VAWA is a horribly flawed bill. Predominent aggressor policies(arrest the man no matter what) need to go. Female aggressors need to be arrested for starting violence just like men. For those who don't think that female violence is important. Women account for 40% of domestic violence and they are more likely to use weapons

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