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  •  everyone should move their money to Credit Unions (8+ / 0-)

    or smaller banks that put money back into the local economies.
     I moved my income to a Credit Union a few years ago and only wish I had done that sooner. If I have a problem I talk to a person locally ,not someone on an 800 number somewhere .
    One good example was that recently I discovered the CU had withdrawn my rent money TWICE at the beginning of this month, so I called the office nearby. I was treated politely and after it was cleared up with my money put back in my account I was happy. I figured it was the end of the subject.
    What I didn't expect was an extended phone call from WECU (Washington Education Union) the next day apologizing for the mistake and we talked like two friends going beyond the recent problem, in fact I got the conversation going on why I moved my account away from Chase.
     It's also worth noting that I'm not someone with an account they should fear losing, far from it I'm on SSI and with section 8 housing that rent check in question was only for $140.00, but that's a LOT to me and that's the way the Credit Union treated it.

    When I was under Chase Bank I got penalized $33.00 twice for overdrawing my account by $1.27 one month and less than $2.00 on another month. I got absolutely nowhere discussing that with anyone on their 800 number and from the local branch.That won't happen under the Credit Union and in that phone call I was assured if what they had done had caused me any problems THEY would make it right.
    We need another Move Your Money movement .

    without the ants the rainforest dies

    by aliasalias on Thu Feb 14, 2013 at 01:31:26 PM PST

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