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View Diary: Keystone XL: Can Someone Please Explain The Opposition, Because I Just Don't Get It. (231 comments)

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    I think these are thoughtful questions.  

    And it's not like stopping Keystone XL will stop the oil sands project.  It already started, topping 1.25mil barrels per day in 2006.  They've been mining oil sands up there since 1967.  

    This feels like a rear-guard action, a fight picked just to pick a fight.  I don't see an endgame that is a net positive for the environment.  They're going to get that oil out.  It will be burned.

    I'm a mushroom. Kept in the dark and know

    by The Voice from the Cave on Thu Feb 14, 2013 at 11:57:33 AM PST

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      that people could be doing that would make such a difference.  I think a carbon-tax-with-feebate is such a great idea that could actually prove to be quite a popular program.  People generally like seeing money back on their taxes, and seeing that it's being given to them to support what is also a good cause?  I think that it could get some sizeable approval numbers in practice.

      My personal ideal form of a carbon tax would be an international carbon equivalent of VAT (CAT?).  That is, every industrial CO2 source gets taxed and the costs of course end up passed on to the consumer.  Each time carbon gets added to a product, directly or indirectly, the carbon cost is embodied.  Any imported goods from another CAT state get no taxes as they move around, but imported goods from a non-CAT state get taxed at the port based on their embodied carbon so that they don't get an undue advantage, while goods exported to a non-CAT state get a carbon rebate so they remain competitive.  

      And of course, since it's a feebate, all of those carbon taxes go back evenly to everyone as a refundable tax credit

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