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View Diary: Keystone XL: Can Someone Please Explain The Opposition, Because I Just Don't Get It. (231 comments)

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    You have never been to the Dakota's, Nebraska, Kansas,Oklahoma or Texas.  I've been to see most of all these states.  I can tell you the only even remotely "pretty" part is the Black Hills and when you come from Colorado those are just hills, not mountains.  I used to drive all the time from the east coast to Colorado through all these states.  If there were ever states crying for self driving cars, these are them.  There's just nothing there to see.

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      dewley notid, AoT

      I grew up for a substantial part of my childhood in the northern Great Plains states. There is a beauty and solitude that one can find there that is unforgettable.

      There is plenty to see and experience there.

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