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View Diary: Keystone XL: Can Someone Please Explain The Opposition, Because I Just Don't Get It. (231 comments)

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    I would think again about whatever source provided you with any of this information.  You're like a Republican, you believe what you hear without checking it out.  People with brains don't do that.  We know every source has biases and read the underlying material and reports for the facts.  I know that's an old fashioned concept, but in today's world its really the only way to find out.

    I for one would love to see your report that says its more expensive to clean up, and I would like to see your comparison to what the predicted experience is with trucks or trains.  Personally, I'll take a pipeline through the least environmentally sensitive and one of the least populated corridors in the US over any of that, absent some evidence that the risks are significantly more from a pipeline.

    As for Condemnation, you are just wrong and you are parroting right-wing talking points.  It's not a fact that governments pay less.  Most often they pay substantially more than what the property is worth and they pay damages to the remainder.

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