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View Diary: My Personal Funeral Hymn as GMBo2's final hymn tomorrow: (128 comments)

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    I'll even admit that I sang some Sacred Harp music for a mass at an Episcopal church in Youngstown, OH.  However, I think of Anglican worship music as much more formal and controlled than the no-holds-barred traditional singing style of Sacred Harp singing.  While the hymnals might contain Sacred Harp hymns, how often are they sung?

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    by gizmo59 on Thu Feb 14, 2013 at 03:54:28 PM PST

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      My argument would be that "It's not Anglican" should be a phrase that is very rarely used.  Bishop Little of Northern Indiana used to tell the parish I worshiped at that "We've always done it this way" can be a harbinger of a parish's decline.  

      Maybe it's a reaction to our liberal theology that Episcopal parishes frequently cling to traditional, high-church liturgy -- we've asked older Episcopalians to accept so much new doctrine and practice that we hesitate to add novel liturgical usage to their discomfort.  Conversely, a conservative faith may feel that it needs to adopt many trappings of modern culture to become appealing and relevant.  For example, Bishop Little is against gay marriage and his diocese is rather conservative, though not to the point of breaking from ECUSA, and liturgical practice in that part of the state seems a lot more heterogenous than it is in our more liberal diocese.  

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      by Yamaneko2 on Sun Feb 17, 2013 at 02:07:52 AM PST

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