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  •  The culture of obedience values compliance (13+ / 0-)

    over all. It goes with the territory.
    Bureaucrats exist within a regimen in which orders are laid out (in the Constitution and subordinate law) and their obligation is to comply, follow the law. That's what they are used to and it's what they are inclined to extend to those whom they regulate, because that way power lies. They assume they should do to others as is done to them. Thus the culture of obedience comes full circle.

    But, the law, as it applies to individuals (mainly the criminal law) works in the other direction. That is, individuals are free to act within the presumption that their behavior is good, unless and until it is proved that a particular act was injurious or bad. Then the law comes into effect, AFTER the act. What individuals who have been hurt expect is that the perp be stopped, punished and make some amends.

    Now, it can be argued that private corporations, being like public corporations (governmental agencies), they should be pre-bound and restricted by their charters or articles of incorporation and, if they misbehave, the consequences should be the same or equivalent (they get fired). However, it is pretty obvious that the corporate charters aren't nearly specific enough to preclude rather routine and garden variety malfeasance (fraud and theft), and getting a commitment to future compliance with inadequate provisions is obviously not sufficient.

    Still, as I noted at the beginning, the culture of obedience tends to trump, probably because it is shared by all the players. That subscribing to the corporate hierarchy, which exists primarily to absolve individuals of individual risk and liability, should not serve as a cover for blatantly unjust behavior is revolutionary because it violates their expectations. After all, the culture of obedience led them to believe that following orders and not raising questions would guarantee their invulnerability.
    That people should go to jail for stealing money that they didn't even keep for themselves is really scary. It means that all their actions are open for question. Talk about risk and insecurity!

    We organize governments to deliver services and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Fri Feb 15, 2013 at 05:56:59 AM PST

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